The Mozilla Awareness Drive (MozDrive) is a public awareness campaign to spread the word and the love about a global community of technologists, thinkers and builders - Mozilla.

    In order to accomplish, I will:

    • - Travel across the lower 48 States and share Mozilla’s story, vision, and their mission with the people I meet along the way.
    • - Engage in a one-to-one interaction with the locals and document their stories for an epic MozDrive video.
    • - Share my journey through the help of social media, as I go about making a difference and positive impact in the society.

    All in just 25 days!

    Learn more about this campaign here.

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    • This tour will surely be beneficial to everyone involved. The entire Mozilla Nepal Team will be behind you during the entire journey, never feel alone! May the best be achieved!

      Avash Mulmi, Mozilla Nepal |
    • I’m excited about the Mozilla Awareness Drive. This is one of the most ambitious campaigns organized by a Mozillian. There’s nothing like visiting Mozilla and Firefox fans and having casual chats with them.

      William Reynolds, Product Manager, Mozilla |
    • I think that this is perhaps one of the most ambitious yet promising initiatives towards spreading the Mozilla mission and awareness about the open web since the Firefox Crop Circle initiative. This initiative speaks out a great lot about how passionate Mozillians are towards the project and how much they are inspired towards contributing towards a common goal of a Free and Open Web.

      Sayak Sarkar, Mozilla India |
    • This tour event will demonstrate Mozilla’s passion for engaging with the users it serves in a unique manner.

      Benjamin Kerensa, EF Community Release Manager, Mozilla |

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